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Sanitary facilities

If you decide to change the tiles or floor tiles when renovating bathrooms, also think about replacing the plumbing, so as not to run the risk of having to do it in a short period of time and having to replace it again. the ceramic ones.


If you intend to completely renovate your bathroom, FourHouse  has the advantage of being able to rely on professional assistance, who will prepare a unique proposal, suitable for the space in question.


FourHouse  thinks about every issue in detail, such as, for example, the correct definition of your storage needs, distances to open doors and drawers without jeopardizing the available area, as well as the ideal lighting to provide amplitude to space.


Depending on your personal taste and needs, FourHouse presents the best solution for you to gain as much space as possible in your bathroom. The solutions are many and can include replacing the bathtub with a shower tray, eliminating the bidet or even opting for a special line of sanitary ware for small or even suspended bathrooms.


The current trend is to place sanitary ware suspended, eliminating the connection point to the floor, as it allows for more available space that can be used for storage, in addition to resulting in greater ease of cleaning and greater visual lightness.


FourHouse  has the teams, the experience and the method, so that replacing your bathtub with a shower tray is a quick process_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bade5cf58d_ efficient.


Contact us and obtain, without commitment, complete and detailed information on the various options for your bathroom.

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