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Refurbishments General

Works by Remodeling, Rehabilitation and Restoration


FourHouse has qualified and specialized teams to carry out exterior and interior works in your home, condominium or business

Degradation resulting from aging itself, from the overload of uses, makes it essential to develop urban rehabilitation processes. FourHouse  has partnerships with technicians who could help carry out these works.

FourHouse puts at your disposal all kinds of services so that you are as satisfied as possible with the remodeling of your home: electricity, painting, plumbing, carpentry, metalwork, false ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms , decoration, small works and quick services.

The repair of facades and roofs are the part of a house or building most exposed to bad weather and temperature differences, therefore we advise a careful choice for the best recovery solutions. presented the best solutions. It is necessary to be careful with decisions, as apparently simple options may lead to more problems and interventions in the future.

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