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AFourHouse disponibiliza great professionals  for cleaning residential swimming pools throughout the District of Lisbon. If you don't know how to clean your green pool, need technical assistance  or want to hire a monthly maintenance service but need an indication, contact us._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


  • Most people who have a pool at home find it very difficult to keep it as they always dreamed of. We could cite as the most desired characteristics:

  • Have a swimming pool that is always clean, blue, with clear water;

  • Have a swimming pool with healthy water for all bathers;

  • A pool without dirt in suspension or on the bottom;

  • A swimming pool with a pleasant smell; A swimming pool that does not sting the eyes, does not dry out the hair or the skin;

  • A pool with sparkling water and clean edges!


This would be the dream pool for most people, even more so if it had heated water. However, keeping it clean becomes more and more difficult as we have progressively less hours available for domestic activities. It is worth mentioning that the lack of  technical knowledge in swimming pool treatment, inadequate equipment and chemical products are common among owners of residential swimming pools, making effective maintenance impossible. We could cite the most common problems found in this type of pool as being:


  • Green, cloudy, whitish or milky water;

  • Algae development on the walls, grouts, bottom and water column;

  • Swimming pool with decanted dirt; Swimming pool with grimy, stained or greasy edges;

  • Fiberglass pool with faded paint; Swimming pool with peeling ceramics;

  • Swimming pool with a strong smell of chlorine and other substances;

  • Filters that no longer purify water; Pumps with low flow and high consumption of electricity.

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