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Another project carried out by FourHouse - Obras & Serviços for the renovation of a fully modified suite to create a welcoming and modern environment. We were faced with the challenge of modifying a space so that it was possible to rebuild a bathroom and the master bedroom of this house in Povoa da Galega. Our Client was pleasantly surprised with the final result and gave us permission to give it a special touch by placing decoration and green areas united with the placement of rolled pebbles and indirect lighting at various points. The placement of an illuminated niche was proposed to conceal the wall created for the insertion of the sanitary module Doors of closet, entrance doors to the suite and lacquered bathroom were changed white with a fillet. A false ceiling was placed throughout the suite, including the bathroom with indirect and direct light crown molding for a more relaxing and pleasant environment. A new PVC window was installed with a double 16mm box and thermal blind to soften the cold and heat in that area where temperatures can vary  at temperatures between 0º or 40º degrees.  Lighting is one of the most important topics when it comes to home. In addition to being necessary in its natural form (sun), the artificial side cannot be forgotten either. Therefore, it is also in the bathroom / bedroom(s) a matter that must be taken seriously. Did you know that light has the effective power to make small spaces appear larger and cold or warm spaces depending on the color of the light used? So it is. Use, in addition to the ceiling light, other more precise points of light such as, under the mirror, indirect light moldings or resting on the worktop or/and others. Roca toilet model GAP e Bruma faucets.

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