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For us, each work is a unique project, in which we deal with all kinds of details with a view to an excellent result of the remodeling. This is a 3 bedroom villa located in Brejos de Azeitão, in the district of Setúbal, where a general refurbishment was carried out.   The kitchen, which used to be a poorly designed space, where equipment was piled up and nothing seemed to have been thought through, is now a work of art, the result of strategic thinking. Despite maintaining the original horizontal intention, the design of the furniture and the continuity of materials diluted the presence of these elements in the space, providing a fresh and functional environment. The appliances and equipment were placed in clever positions, in order to guarantee the harmony of the space.  The color choice was white and gray, in order to give the space a sense of amplitude and delicacy , the floor in rectified ceramic pieces and lacquered furniture, allowed the space to be visibly enlarged and given a different, more organized constitution. The sanitary installations were completely refurbished, also with the replacement of plumbing and drains, the positions of sanitary ware were changed in a more functional way and the placement of resin shower trays with reduced height. New electrical installation was carried out e TV throughout the house, alteration of an old fireplace that did not work properly, with the placement of a stove for better performance, complete alteration of the stairs to the first floor, with new solid wood cover and installation of a new guard / handrail in tempered glass. Placing new wooden flooring on two floors, recovery of wardrobes, recovery of doors and smoothing. exchange of sliding aluminum windows for new PVC window frames to improve thermal efficiency, acoustics, a balcony with awning transformed into an open space to enjoy and general painting of the house.

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